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This is a sandbox web part for SharePoint 2010.

The web part will redirect a user to a given page if that user is effectively part of a SharePoint group. So If a user is in Active Directory group and the AD group is in the given SharePoint group, the user will be redirected.

what is a SharePoint redirect what part?
The SharePoint redirect Web parts is a SharePoint 2010 sandbox solution. It gives you a Web parts that you can place on any SharePoint page. The web parts will automatically redirects the user to any specified page based on the user's membership to a SharePoint group whether this membership is a direct membership or an indirect membership.

A direct membership means that the user is directly added to the SharePoint group. An indirect membership means that the user for example belongs to an active directory group and that active directory group is part of the SharePoint group.


This solution is simple. The only file you need is the WSP file. And the only access you need is to be a SharePoint site collection administrator.

Simply navigate to the site collection site settings page link like on solutions. Add a solution by selecting the WSP file. Then activate the solution. Once you do that browse to any page where you want and the Web part and try to insert a web part to the page. Under the custom Web part category you will see the Web part.


Configuring the web part is easy. Simply edit the web parts and you'll see three main fields to to use. The first one is the SharePoint group name. This is the group that the current user will be tested against and the user will be redirected based on whether they belong to that group or not. The second field is then redirect to page. This is the page to be redirected to event the user belongs to that SharePoint group. The last field is a status field which simply either makes the web part active or inactive.

This web part is very useful in any SharePoint environment. Espeically in hosted SharePoint environments where uploading server side code is not allowed.

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